About Remedial Massage

My goal is to restore function & movement so that you can move freely & without pain!

If you’re a horse rider, no doubt your goal is to have your horse going as well as they possibly can. Sometimes the easiest way to improve your horses way of going is to fix yourself! I’ve got your back as well as your horse’s!

Why should you prioritise yourself?

Many riders think that pain is a normal part of being an equestrian. I’m here to help you buck that trend and be pain free!  Need another reason? Crookedness in the rider can be reflected in the horse, and this causes the horse to change how it moves. Long term, this causes compensation patterns in the horse’s body and can cause dysfunctional movement and predispose the horse to injury. So treating the rider can also help the horse!

If you’ve ever had your coach or a judge comment on your rounded shoulders, stiff arms and back, or you ache after riding and feel 10 years older than you really are, maybe it’s time to book a massage. Not a rider? That’s ok, Equine Muscle Matters doesn’t just treat horse riders. Remedial massage is beneficial for people of all ages and activity level, so don’t put up with those niggling aches & pains, book an appointment today!

Remedial massage sessions are customised for your individual needs. Rather than asking you to choose a type of massage (relaxation, deep tissue, sports etc) like many clinics do, all of the massages at Equine Muscle Matters are classed as remedial and will include a range of techniques that are guided by your concerns and goals.

Appointments include a thorough assessment & history taking, combination of different massage strokes & techniques, kinesiology taping if required, stretching & post-appointment recommendations to provide optimal results.  Remedial massage sessions at the Equine Muscle Matters home clinic are eligible for on the spot health fund rebates for most major health insurance providers including Medibank, BUPA and AHM. Mobile appointments may be eligible for rebates depending on your insurance provider however these will need to be claimed separately (EMM will provide receipts to enable you to submit your claim).

About Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a type of massage that incorporates a range of different strokes and techniques to relieve tension in the body, reduce pain,  increase range of movement, and improve posture. Remedial massage can include techniques from relaxation, deep tissue & sports massage to create the perfect massage for your body. I am passionate about helping to address the source of the issue, not just treating the symptoms. 

About Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape has become very common in athletes, but it is beneficial for everyone! Kinesiology tape can be applied in a number of ways to provide long lasting results for your body. Applications can help with supporting soft tissue injuries, reduce swelling, and increase circulation. Tape can help to support your body while it heals, reduce pain, and improve the symptoms of various injuries & conditions such as plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder & more!

How can massage help you?
Hear from some of my clients

I was so excited when I heard Christine was offering a human massage service! It's very important to me that my massage therapist understands the struggles we face as horse riders and how our bodies affect our horses way of going, and Christine ticks all those boxes! Christine did an amazing job of ironing out all my kinks and giving me stretches to work on at home between my appointments.
Sarah C
Best massage I've had! (And I've had a lot) My body feels so much lighter and less pain afterwards and wonderful relaxing atmosphere for destressing.
Katie B
Christine is so knowledgeable and friendly. Her massage skills are excellent and I was pain free after each massage. Very thankful and I will be back.
Julia S