Horse & Rider Bodywork With Christine Thompson

Providing the best whole body treatment tailored for you & your horse!

Servicing the southeast Qld region.

Equine Muscle Matters is a mobile clinic that comes to you!

Is your horse performing at their best?

Riding is supposed to be fun but when your horse has sore muscles it can show that by resisting transitions, not maintaining a canter, ears back or even putting in the occasional buck! Let’s face it, that doesn’t make it a fun ride for anyone.

I can help to fix these restrictions, and instead of having a horse that is stiff, unsound, cranky, and generally difficult to ride, you could have a supple, straight, balanced, willing riding partner!

But there's two athletes in your team!

If you’re a horse rider, no doubt your goal is to have your horse going as well as they possibly can. Crookedness in the rider can be reflected in the horse, and this causes the horse to change how it moves. Long term, this causes compensation patterns in the horses body and can cause dysfunctional movement and predispose the horse to injury. Sometimes the easiest way to improve your horses way of going is to fix yourself!

Not to mention, being in pain is not fun!

I can help you & your horse!

I am a qualified & experienced human & equine soft tissue therapist.

Human & equine sessions are customised based on your needs & goals, meaning that no two sessions are ever identical. A range of different soft tissue techniques & tools are used to provide optimal support for all equestrians.

I specialize in...

  • Soft tissue massage for your horse
  • Remedial massage for riders
  • Rehabilitation from injuries
  • Prehabilitation programs (prevention of injury)
  • Movement therapy for your horse
  • and more!

How can massage help you & your horse?
Hear from some of my clients.

I regularly use Christine to ensure my horses are able to move freely without any restrictions. I have found her to be reliable, and works well with my team, & is willing to go above & beyond to ensure their comfort.
Amy G
I was so excited when I heard Christine was offering a human massage service! Christine did an amazing job of ironing out all my kinks and giving me stretches to work on at home.
Sarah C
My boy really enjoys his session and Christine is always very helpful by providing advice on how to support him between sessions. Highly recommend.
Sarah G

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